Тема рабочего стола
НАКОНЕЦ она готова!
Тема рабочего стола Symphony X - "Winter's Dream"!
2 Воллпейпера,курсоры и иконки,звуковая схема,схема шрифтов и палитры,музыкальный скринсейвер,скрины загрузки и выключения компа!!!
Keep in mind that Symphony X and Syx logo is a legal trademark.It's use is copyrighted and all rights belong to "Inside-Out Music".

That theme is made for ALL X'erz and is FREE for download.However,you CANNOT SELL(if you'd want to) - it to anyone - it is forbidden by LAW.It is absolutely uncommercial and free for all. And you cannot publish on your site without my PERMISSION!!! If your site contain any illegal(mp3 or warez) or immoral(porn,erotic etc) - then you cannot publish it in any case.If your site DO NOT CONTAIN such stuff - then ask me first and in 99,9% cases i'll let you post it.Sorry for all this muddle...:)
Symphony X "Winter's Dream" Desktop Theme ver 1.0

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